About us

CTP International is a Nigeria-based multi-skilled professional practice, offering high quality training, management consulting, and corporate services. As a UK CPD-accredited training provider, our mission is to help “close the skills gaps” within the markets and sectors we serve worldwide by providing UK CPD-accredited learning and professional development events. At CTP International we view learning as a journey of discovery of possibilities, beginning and ending with the learner. Our programmes value the needs and preferences of the learner as the central figure around whom our interventions are designed.

Our aim is to enhance and add value to your corporate and personal productivity by ensuring you obtain the right returns on your investment in training, learning and development. Our workshops and training programmes are interactive, seeking to discover and respond directly to the needs of the learner as an inquisitive adult whose personal experience and we value.

Consequently, we don’t rely heavily on lectures as a means of conveying knowledge and skills, rather we are facilitators of learning, within an interactive setting such as a workshop, where the learner’s voice is heard, views valued and perspectives prioritised, as part of a holistic personal development experience.

Through our global network of carefully selected, highly skilled and vastly experienced faculty, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality, range and diversity of offering in a wide variety of subjects, including general management and leadership development, HRM, ICT, Communication, banking and financial services. We are also able to extend to offer our clients the opportunity to gain sector-specific, industry-relevant qualifications, certifications and accreditations in various sectors.

Furthermore, by investing in a global network of accredited providers in a wide range of fields and sectors, we are able to add value to your investment in learning with us by tailoring core syllabuses of those certification bodies to suit your identified needs.

Welcome to our world, a world of learning as a partnership in the discovery, dissemination and deployment of knowledge, skills and experience between learners and facilitators as equal partners on a learning journey.
Welcome to CTP International!

What we do

We work with our clients across spatial geographies and diverse industry verticals to design and develop innovative solutions to their complex learning and professional development challenges. Our portfolio currently comprises:

Training services

(conferences, study visits, programme design and delivery)

Consultancy services

(project and events management, strategic planning, project M&E, executive/board retreats)

Media & Marketing services

(communication, market research, CSR and strategy)

Corporate services

(Company and business registration and compliance advisory)

What we've done

  • Trained over 250 Millennium Award Fellows from across the UK in new legal forms of business and social enterprise including the Community Interest Company structure
  • Trained over 700 staff of the Welsh Assembly on their new statutory duties and responsibilities under the Government of Wales Act and sundry instruments
  • Trained over 2500 individuals and teams in 4 continents in various aspects of leadership, management, financial regulation, media, law, business development, nonprofit management skills and strategy
  • Designed and delivered various training programmes in financial and capital market operations and regulation to major financial sector regulatory bodies in Africa including Central Bank of Nigeria, Nigerian Deposit Insurance Corporation and the Securities and Exchange Commission.
  • Executed several consultancy projects including corporate and strategic planning retreats and study visits, project design and delivery, project evaluation for grant-makers and funders
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